To Love to Heal

To Love to Heal

Chinese Drama To Improve Your Life – The Three Dramas To Love to Heal

This is the day after Thanksgiving, and I am still in the midst of healing from the recent trauma I endured at work. I cannot eat or sleep well, and when I do I immediately feel guilty and resentful. I have not slept a wink all week since the events that transpired on Thanksgiving Day. So when I say that I am healing, it is with much hope and optimism. The only setback is I cannot let go of my belief that there is something more important than my recovery, which I know there is.

I am presently undergoing treatments and therapies with Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, an award winning filmmaker and psychotherapist, and with Dr. David Carbonell, certified marriage therapist and family therapist, both from the Life Force Institute in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Vogelsang and Dr. Carbonell are treating me for what is medically known as “shang kang”. It is a spiritual form of energy leakage, which originates in the “way-here” and “way-there”. I was basically “shang kang” for the last seven years of my life, and it is a painful experience to have such a heavy burden of guilt, shame, anger, resentment and anxiety hanging over me. However, I now know that it is all part of the larger story of how Christ healed me in this life.

To love to heal is very similar to knowing how to ride a bike

you just get started and keep riding. I have learned that there are many tools available to help me deal with the episodes of anger, shame, resentment and emotions that manifest themselves in these problematic episodes. One tool is a twelve step program that I have used to assist me with the episodes of love and loss that I have experienced in my life, along with the episodes that have since occurred. When I put this program into action, it instantly provides me with a support system for my efforts to love to heal. This particular program helps me to release negative emotions that I am experiencing so that I can focus on releasing the love that I am feeling.

In the script for To Love, to Heal, the Dramatic Arc of the Story Plan is broken down into three dramas. These dramas, or parts of the script that comprise the Dramatic Arc, are called the “Myths”, “Lies”, and “Unrealities”. By separating these three dramas from the rest of the script, it becomes easier for me to understand what is actually going on in my life when these issues arise.

The first drama that we will look at is “The Myths”. This is actually the second most common drama that occurs when someone is trying to figure out how to love healing in this life. This drama usually involves a character that is not fully aware of what exactly they have to do to heal their relationship problems or personal trauma. The goal is to help the individual to figure out what the underlying issues are that are causing them pain, and how to effectively move forward to healing these problems.

The next drama that takes place in the drama to love to heal is “The Lies”

This drama involves a character that either does not believe in the love that they are trying to heal, or the person is being tricked by the person that they love to try to convince them that they do believe in the love. This can be a very difficult thing to watch online, as the internet is filled with images of people lying to each other and offering promises that they cannot keep. However, this is the easiest drama to watch and the simplest to understand, because it requires the person involved to make an immediate decision about whether or not they believe that the other person is being honest with them.

The final two dramas that take place in the drama to heal are “The Unrealities” and “Lies”. This final drama is the hardest to watch, and the most challenging to understand. This drama deals with an individual who has let their guard down and trusted someone to be with them but have fallen for another person. After discovering this person they then must determine how to either move forward, or look for another to love. This can be a very tricky situation to deal with and requires that the person in love is willing to look outside themselves to find someone that they can trust. The Internet can provide some resources for those looking to understand this type of Chinese drama.

Overall this three-part drama series offers excellent entertainment. The characters feel real due to their unique circumstances and the interactions between the characters are well-written. The drama can be viewed as a journey of two people, and there are many different plots that unfold throughout the course of the drama. This shows that anyone can relate to the situation, and that it can be an interesting and thought-provoking watch.

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