The Eternal Heart in Love Will Heal the World

The Eternal Heart in Love Will Heal the World

love will heal the world

When we speak about love, it is not always clear what we are actually talking about. Love can be a broad term that encompasses so many things that it is not easy to make a concrete statement that all love is healing. Healing is, of course, the end result of love and being healed means that the love that caused the healing has been eliminated. To understand the depth and power of love, it is important to break love down into its components and understand each of them. If one understands and implements this knowledge, love will heal the world.

The basis of understanding love is unconditional love and the eternal heart

Unconditional love means that love does not demand anything in return from the one who gives it. The eternal heart represents the belief that our hearts are part of God’s love that is expressed to all people in every situation and at every time. Without an eternal heart, unconditional love is meaningless and unconditional love cannot heal the world.

The Eternal heart in love is the very foundation of true love because it is the belief that love is always available when the other person or the circumstances that exist in the world do not demand that love. The Eternal heart in love does not attempt to control the actions of another person or the circumstances in which the other person exists. It does not seek to gain anything in return for giving love. Love does not need a reason for love or even an opportunity for love to occur. It is the unconditional acceptance of love that allows love to heal the world.

The basis for healing comes from accepting love as it is and unconditionally loving oneself unconditionally

It is impossible for anyone to love someone when they do not accept or love themselves. Acceptance means accepting the fact that one is flawed and everyone has flaws, but it also means accepting that love can come in forms other than these. There are many forms of love and one of them is forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the act of forgetting or accepting the fact that one has done something wrong. We often forgive the small things that are done in anger or in frustration. One forgives when they have done something wrong because they are no longer angry or frustrated. This action allows love to flow freely in the world again. In forgiving others we give love to ourselves because we now understand what forgiveness is all about.

We must take action to heal the world one love at a time

Do not allow others to hurt us because love will heal the world. Love one person at a time. The world will be a better place when we focus on love rather than hate and anger. Focus on love so much that it allows you to see the good in just about anything.

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