Healthy Love Relationships – The Myths That Need to Be Discarded

Healthy Love Relationships – The Myths That Need to Be Discarded

a healthy love relationship

The infatuation phase of romantic love normally takes place at the beginning of a healthy love relationship. It may involve constant thoughts of your love object and yearning to spend time with them everyday. Your partner may also be infatuated with a movie or some book or other form of entertainment. In these conditions, it becomes difficult to make love as you are afraid that you might do something wrong or hurt your partner emotionally.

Healthy love relationships take time for couples to become intimate with each other

They should not be rushed, as love can build only slowly. You should learn how to give time to your partner. Some couples meet for the first time and remain friends for the rest of their lives. While others spend months together waiting for their relationship to become serious.

Most healthy relationships include expressions of love. You can express your feelings towards your partner but it is important to remember to be sincere. If you express your feelings but do not mean to make your partner feel good, then it is not expressing your true feelings. Instead of saying “I love you” try “I feel happy and comfortable when you are around.”

The most common type of healthy love relationships involve at least two people who have an attraction for each other. It is this attraction which keeps the relationship alive and flourishing. If the desire to be with your partner does not originate from deep within, it will not lead to intimacy. Instead, it will result in having sexual encounters which will neither please nor satisfy the other person.

Love relationships thrive on feelings

Love poems and verses speak of their being in love and experiencing various kinds of love. However, the first step towards a healthy love relationship is to make sure you are in a healthy state of mind. If you are under stress or depression this will not only reflect in your actions but also in your interactions with others. To make love you must be healthy in body and mind.

Healthy love relationships are those where there is no need to put pressure on one another to ensure compliance from your partner. This means that you can freely express your feelings without feeling the need to get your partner to agree with you. Healthy unconditional relationships make space for growth. You and your partner are free to pursue your own interests and can freely spend time together.

Healthy love is not only based on emotions

A healthy relationship includes respect, understanding, compromise and kindness. Many myths about relationships suggest that love is a selfish act based on self-interest. If you and your loved one does not share the same interest, you will naturally have different perspectives on life and this will inevitably result in arguments.

The best way to make your partner happy is by showing concern and affection for them. Being available for your partner’s needs will not only make them feel important but will make them feel comfortable enough to open up to you when they do. When you make your partner feel good, they will reciprocate and your relationship will become more fulfilling. It will become easier to build a strong, loving relationship based on unconditional love.

There are also unhealthy forms of love. One of the most damaging lies that couples tell each other is that they have a healthy love relationship because both parties have the same feelings for each other. Love is a strong emotion and one can feel love for another person if those feelings are genuine. However, there are times when people can experience an intense form of obsessive love, which can be destructive.

Unconditional love is based on deep and honest feelings between two people

People must be willing to make a commitment to each other in order to develop true unconditional love. In a healthy relationship both partners must be open and willing to share their feelings and experiences and are able to respect each other’s needs. Both people must be completely honest with each other if they are to make a healthy decision.

When love relationships go down hill it is usually because one or both partners were involved in some unhealthy behavior. The most common myth surrounding relationships is that if a relationship goes bad the blame can’t be shared. When two lovers argue it’s not the other person’s fault. Comparing who does what to who doesn’t can make this myth even more believable. When one partner abuses the other partner the blame lies solely with them. This myth may lead to arguments, which will obviously end in a break up.

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